Yep! That's right- 8 ounces of soap shavings, slivers, chunks and samples of our soap collection past and present paired with a sisal soap sack. This is a perfect gift for yourself or anyone who uses soap and loves to try new things, sample scents and is a little adventureous.  Also perfect for people that don't like a steady commitment! You'll be done with your sample and on to the next in a few washes. You can shove as many as you can in the sack and just use 'em like that if that's how you roll. Creamy, sudsy, lathering goodness is what it's all about. IF you happen to be someone who likes order of maybe even a little OCD this may not be your jam because there is no order to this. We will give you a sample card to tell you whats included and it will be fun to see how many you can figure out. You can always come back to our website to cheat. LIVE, LOVE & LATHER it up!


    • Olive Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Adeps Suillus (Lard), Castor Oil, Shea Butter, Sodium Hydroxide, Fragrance,  Silk,Sweet Almond Oil, Alfalfa Powder, Activated Charoal
    • As per labeling guidelines, we are unable to make claims about nourishing additives and ingredients in our soap. We encourage you to research ingredients to learn about properties that may benefit your skin.