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jennifer labarbera
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Hey! I’m Jennifer, the soaprietress [soap + proprietress] at Moondrop Gardens. I was born and raised in the [boogie down] Bronx,NY. I am a freelance graphic designer with a BA in Art from Adelphi University. I have 30 years experience working with print companies in NYC. My grandfather Attilio made unscented soap from self-rendered tallows, but I became inspired to actually make soap when I came across an artisan soap shop visiting Mystic, Connecticut one day in 1998. After perfecting my craft, I opened Moondrop Gardens a year later. The internet was still young (and so was I) but I had regular customers who appreciated my soap. A few years later I was evicted from my soaping space (parents basement! Lol) and decided to take a hiatus from soaping to concentrate on my design, travel, get married and raise our child.

      In 2007 we moved to the top of East Mountain on 12 acres in beautiful Hudson Valley, New York. This Bronx girl got chickens, built a garden and adopted the little cocker spaniel I dreamed of my entire childhood.

     I decided to revisit soaping after the 2020 pandemic and I had more time, and the world made washing their hands a favorite pastime. I batched some soap with oils I had in my kitchen and remembered how much I loved and missed the whole creative process. It all just came back to me after 20 years.

    For me, soaping is an artistic outlet with a very practical end result. We use natural, quality ingredients in all our recipes to formulate a unique, bubbly, creamy, and conditioning  work of art that smells great and is fun to look at. We take pride in making a hard bar of soap that will last a long time.  We are diligent about the details that go along with the entire soapmaking process; from the first scent sniff to the final wrapping and packing of your individual order. We have a lot of fun adding botanicals and additives you would not normally find in bar soap like champagne, fruit purees, different milks and infused oils. Be sure to check out the unique additives in each bar that add benefits and creamy bubbles. Due to FDA restrictions we are unable to claim any benefits for our soap in our descriptions but you can research the additives and see for yourself what kind of benefits they impart.  

     When you order from our studio you are supporting a #creativemomma who loves what she does and hopes you can incorporate her soap art into your daily lathering ritual.
    Some insignificant but important tidbits about me: I love Bronx baked bread & pizza. My mother says I talk too much and have a serious addiction to caramel and anything butterfly. I have an amazing, supportive, Local Union #3 husband who is allergic to dogs and overbearing scents and a talented and beautiful daughter who amazes me with her compassion for the human race, but reminds me on the daily that I’m not as funny as I think. Besides creating soap, being loved by my little American cocker spaniels makes me smile. My best friend Kathy and I have shown our cockers in conformation for the last 13 years. Together she has helped me  finished over 12 champions with the prefix "MDG's".  We have raised over $20k for rescue & health related research for our breed and the American Spaniel Club. I will always have a little sporting dog by my side. 

     I like to cook (and eat), and I am a Pisces who cries a lot;  I am a horrible proofreader, have short girl problems, and a really messy soap maker. I’m the oldest child of three, my favorite scent is anything ORANGE, and my favorite color is TEAL. I am a proud member of Generation X and the the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetics Guild. I average 10K steps a day and one of the top 20 highlights of my life was being cast as Aunt Eller in my 7th grade production of OKLAHOMA!

     Some things I try to practice daily are gratitude, breathing, and not cursing so much. My immediate goals are to build my little soap business and get my dust collecting kiln up and running so I can create pottery pieces for my  soap & dog dishes for my friends.

     I want to thank you for visiting our website and this page in particular because my sister says no one ever reads this page. We hope that you and your family are staying safe and washing your hands with some #fancysoaps and hope we can help make that experience a little more giddy.  #liveloveandlatherITUP!

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