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North Atlantic Crystals: scented with "Icicles", "Seaside Driftwood" and despair...


I’m so excited to submit my first entry for the @soapchallengeclub. One of this months challenge was to submit a geode soap. When I was thinking about what kind of crystals to make, all I could think of was frosted white geodes, that reminded me of icicles, like the ones in the middle of the ocean….. maybe like the ones the “TITANIC” crashed into that cold, dreary night. This soap is scented with "Icicles" from SweetCakes, Seaside Driftwood from @wholesalesuppliesplus, and a little lit of despair. My little boat was made from soap dough that was scented like bright hops, aged whiskey, full bodied beer and pipe tobacco smoke. The challenge criteria consisted of having a scooped out curved section (✔️)and have geodes attached (✔️) and I asked if it could have an embed made out of CP soap and Amy said “as long as it is attached at the pour, OK (✔️).

This was a fun challenge because it really took me out of my comfort zone, while still allowing me to think outside the box. All the while knowing that one slip up could cost hours of work put into it.

The first steps I used to create this soap was to set up my slab mold and cut out a shape to hollow out the geode garden. Making my Titanic boat was a challenge because I could not find my sculpting tools so I had to use my hands and a knife. I was not looking to create a masterpeice - just an slight resemblance of the Titanic... and a masterpiece it was NOT. I used clear melt and pour soap with added titanium dioxide, mica with sparkles and iridescence from @nurturesoap to color the icicle geodes. I let it set up before cutting it into sharp icicles and iceburgs. I used Amy’s recipe for a fluid, slow tracing batter bc my personal recipes all have butters and hard oils. I failed at trying to ombré pour the ocean but at least the colors are (Klein and Caribbean Blue from @nurturesoap, TD and activated charcoal). After I poured my North Atlanic Ocean, I made some waves and let Titanic set sail.