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Pink Sugar

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

This was actually my first attempt at the Salt Crystal Challenge for @soapchallengeclub and as I did several, I kept coming back to this soap because it looked the best. I was determined to use the deliciously sweet and yummy scent "Pink Sugar" from @wholesalesuppliesplus for this challenge because I related the salt to sugar. This scent turns brown so I needed to incorporate some black and just go with it.

I did dust some of the salt with mica and sprinkled some black sparkle mica/oil in the mold prior to pouring but only the naked ones haloed. The halo effect was optional but certainly favored. I used neon mica "pink kitty" from @madmicas and needed my sunglasses to continue. It is BRIGHT and a little goes a long way. I also used activated charcoal for the black. I used black and european salts from @wholesalesuppliesplus and a silicone lined slab mold. Cutting this soap was the biggest challenge. What I would have done differently was not use a fragrance so I would have been able to use a different color palette - I think pink sugar should be white and pink.. but this is her sexy evil twin. I did notice after curing for a few weeks that the halos became more apparent. I love making a mess and this was one of the messiest soaps I ever made just because there was SALT everywhere.. i was really just missing my margarita 🍹.

some salt crystal soap fails

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1 Comment

I absolutely LOVE this soap... Im a sucker for the pink and black combination. I would buy it just to look at it!

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