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Updated: Feb 21, 2021

This was my first #kisspoursoap for the February #soapclubchallenge. I picked out my color palette and got to work mixing my colors. I only poured this batch in 2 layers and the first one without the fragrance was fine and the second one accelerated and plopped in the mold but I do not blame the fragrance oil bc I have used it before. I blame me over stick blending. Live and learn on that one.

Colored micas from @nurturesoap and one of my FAVORITE fragrance oils from them 8th & Ocean which is what I think outer space smells like.

@Nurturesoap describes it as fresh notes of ripe melon along with orange slices, lemon and lime peel combine with a fresh cut grass nuance. A heart of jasmine, violet and lavender slip into a background of sweet exotic woody notes. It's really a very strong, clean, fresh, unisex scent.

When I was done with the galaxy I decided to make my moons out of this AMAZING AQUA GLOW IN THE DARK MICA from @stardustmicas. It is so cool and I love that it glows my favorite color AQUA. It was very easy to mix in. I saved the extra batter to make soap dough.

I thought my first attempt to make extruded moonbeans for 2 hours looked good until I woke up the next morning and wondered WHAT WAS I THINKING???????????????? All I saw was spaghetti and maybe I was hungry because my daughter said it looked like silly string.. But it didn't matter - because it took me all of 5 MINUTES to rip it all off and plane my soaps AGAIN so I could start all over. I liked the look of FATTER extruded beams but had doubt they would be practical and nixed the idea completely.

I spent the next morning making a batch of Blackberry Sage soap and mixed the leftovers with my STARDUST mica and piped ribboned MOONBEAMS. I still don't think they are perfect because I actually did add 3 colors to piping bag so I don't know HOW the glow in the dark mica ATE my other 3 colors but a little glitter fixes everything. This will be a work in progress until I am super satisfied but thought it would be a good bonus entry as the KISS POUR makes a fabulous galaxy with the right color combinations. How cool is this?

Thank you Joanne Watkins @naturespotionhandmadesoap for your tutorial on this pour and Amy Warden @soapchallengeclub for bringing us together for another challenge.

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Amanda Ayre
Amanda Ayre
26. Feb. 2021

I hereby deem you the winner of the bonus category. I adore this design, top job! Amanda (@firewaterscents) 😍😍

Gefällt mir
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